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Chandelier tips

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New manufacturing techniques have led to the creation of designs and shapes that previously were not possible, said Joseph Rey-Barreau, an architect and lighting designer and a professor at the University of Kentucky in Lexington.

He offered these chandelier tips:

* Always put chandeliers on a dimmer switch. This makes them more functional and can help set a mood in the dining room.

* To determine what size chandelier is needed, add the width of the room to the length of the room in feet, and then convert that number to inches for a chandelier's diameter. A 10-by-20-foot room, for instance, would require a chandelier with a diameter of about 30 inches.

* In a room with 8-foot ceilings, chandeliers normally are hung about 30 inches above the table. For every additional foot of ceiling height, raise the fixture 3 inches.

* When shopping for a chandelier, ask whether it is part of a "lighting family." Some manufacturers have developed series of fixtures designed to complement each other. The line may include other options for consideration for other rooms.

* Consider whether a table with lighting overhead will be used mostly for dining, or whether children will be doing homework there, too.

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